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If you're looking to spruce up your space, Brenda's wide range of merchandise and vintage decor offer all sorts of ideas that will help you achieve your own look!

I believe in doing everything that I can do to provide my customers with excellent service, well beyond what they would get at many other stores.

Brenda Catier

Brenda Catier has a keen eye and sense of value.Brenda Catier began her passion for collectibles, discovery and antiques many years ago. Her keen eye and sense of value, help her to stock the store with new and used items, including vintage goodies, dishes, furniture, unique decor and so much more.  And, all at affordable prices too.

"It's certainly worth dropping by more than once, if you don't find what you are looking for, the first time you visit.  And, if you can't find it, I will find it for you!"

Brenda Catier          

Something For Everyone!

Ready to discover a world of cool, unique and handpicked treasures? Brenda's New To You, is a cool shop specializing with a fantastic collection of china, new & used furniture, housewares, gift ideas, Man-Cave stuff and a lot more. 

My extensive teacup collection is what caused me to branch out into other areas and then into school at Algonquin for some courses and finally to opening my store. 

Also, having beautiful China has been a long gone time passion in my family, going back to at least my great great grandma. 

I know that there a quite a few people that like to barter but at my store that isn't really necessary unless you are buying in large quantities.  I am not running my store to become rich, I am running it because of my passion  with beautiful things and having happy customers so there isn't a lot of room to negotiate prices but you will get excellent quality and a very good price to start with. 

 ***Plenty Of Free Street Parking***

Frequently Asked Questions

ANSWER:  Yes we accept exchanges provided they are made within a few days of purchase and the product is in the same condition as when it was purchased.

ANSWER:  Any item can be returned provided it is in the same condition as it was when purchased.

ANSWER:  We accept debit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery and Cash.

ANSWER:  We do not offer credit.

ANSWER:  There is free street parking in downtown Almonte as well as in the lot behind the stores.

ANSWER:  We offer delivery for a fee, delivery prices will vary depending on the distance, number and size of items. If the item is being delivered within the town of Almonte and can be delivered by one person delivery may be free.

ANSWER:  Service is available on any item purchased at my store. If you ever have any problem with any item that you have purchased from me I will be happy to repair it provided the item was not damaged from normal wear and tear or misuse or abuse.

ANSWER:  In general our prices are final. At times we leave items unpriced and we may be open to offers. Bulk purchases may be open for discounts but again it is up to the discretion of store management. We try to keep our prices as low as possible so there isn't a need to dicker. If an item has just arrived in our store the sticker price is final.

ANSWER:  At present we do not auction our items.

ANSWER:  Our inventory changes often and we usually only have limited supplies of each item. If there is something that you have your heart set on I would suggest that you buy it right away because it may not be there when you come back.

ANSWER:  I do not offer consignment

ANSWER:  I will make every attempt to locate items that you are searching for. The more information that you can provide the better the possibility of me being able to find the item.

ANSWER:  There is a manufacturer warranty on all new mattresses and boxsprings purchased at our store.

ANSWER:  All items can be held with a deposit provided pick up or delivery can be made within a reasonable time.

Look What Folks Are Saying About Us!

"I would definitely recommend checking out Brenda's store! Lots to see and buy and she did an awesome job on a made to order t-shirt for a Christmas gift!"

Glenda B.

"What a fantastic shop to visit! There are so many neat & interesting items. I can hardly wait to go back!"

Jill B.

"One of my favourite Almonte shops! Love to check in every week or so because stock is ever changing. Staff is friendly and helpful, like most of Almonte."

Sheila J.

"Amazing store - Brenda has a little bit of everything. Highly recommend"

Amanda P.

"We have shopped at Brenda’s New to You in Almonte and have slowly furnished a space with lovely furniture pieces from her store.  The store is a pleasure to visit, spotless and well arranged.  The pieces she finds are of good quality and in beautiful condition and her prices are very good.  An arm chair for 1/3 or less of its original cost is difficult to say no to.  Whether picking up yourself or whether delivery can be arranged, Brenda makes it an easy affair.  To Brenda and her staff (courteous and friendly, which is so pleasant and hard to find at times), thank you!"


"Really like what I see. Congratulations and all the best. Looking forward to seeing more!"

Sharon D.

"This store fits right in to the Almonte community. Great stock of items that's always being replenished. Staff are friendly and Brenda the owner always has different events at the store that are fun and informative. Great spot to check out!"

Zack R.

"Beautiful Store and FB Page Brenda ~ I wish you all the luck and success that you deserve!"

Ron & Pam

"The staff here are so friendly and helpful. There charmed aroma collection is huge."

Shannon M.

"I have furnished quite bit of my home thanks to Brenda's lovely store. Several friends have found furniture they had been looking for too. I love the staff in this shop!"

Debs H.

"What amazing new addition to this town! Excellent quality items and very reasonable prices make it a MUST STOP HERE destination. Don’t forget to check out the man cave!"

Christian P.

"What an amazing new addition to this town! Excellent quality items and very reasonable prices make it a MUST STOP HERE destination. Dont forget to check out the man cave!"

Christian P.

"Really like what i see , congratulations and all the best , looking forward to seeing more!"

Sharon D.

"I just love this new store in Almonte. It is so good to find so many items in a store that average people can afford to consider adding to their home. Many are on pensions and just feel that it is more than double what it would cost if we went to a sale ourselves so can't justify spending what many antique stores ask today.
Beautiful pieces at reasonable prices!"


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